What SERVICES does Evolve Health Include?


  • Orthopaedic/musculoskeletal conditions (including neck, shoulders, spine/back, arms, hips/legs, hands, knee, foot, ankle etc).
  • Pre- and post-surgery/operation
  • Sport injury
  • Postural and Muscle imbalance correction


  • Muscle Strength, Toning and Conditioning
  • Functional exercise training
  • Overall Fitness
  • High Performance training
  • Sport Specific training


  • Weight loss
  • Chronic disease management (Cardiac Rehabilitation, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol, Stroke etc)
  • Special populations (children, elders, pregnancy, disabled etc)
  • Wellness and preventative healthcare screening, coaching and intervention
  • Corporate wellness and education


  • Pilates – Specialised (Reformer, Wunda Chair etc)
  • Medical Aid assessments (Discovery Vitality assessments etc)
  • Personalised exercise programs (using Bio-Ex Software)
  • Gym Inductions – Introduction and Education
  • Professional and Individualised Health/Fitness assessments/screening
  • Muscle Activation Therapy


  • Effective Workouts – Reach goals efficiently and safely
  • Motivation – Provide motivation and encouragement
  • Consistency – Stick with it
  • Individualised Instruction – Exercise workouts designed for you
  • Specialised Instruction – Caters for all specialised needs
  • Supervision – Observe, assist and correct as needed
  • Evaluation – Base point and keeping track of progress
  • Qualifications – Highest qualification in Exercise Science and Instruction
  • Affordable – Based on Market related and Medical Aid Rates
  • Dedication – I am here for YOU!
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Why learn the hard or ignorant way?

Make an informed decision in training with somebody with the highest qualification in Exercise Science and Instruction.

Look after yourself and take on the challenge of the next big step in changing your life:

The healthy, strong and fit life that you and your loved ones deserve.

Evolve NEWS

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