About Me

With my previous studies, experience and my highest levels of qualifications, together with my belief in continuously keeping myself educated and up to date with modern exercise training, will ensure that you get the educated service that you deserve.
I pride myself on my dedication and passion towards achieving results for my clients. I take on a very holistic, professional and scientific approach of looking at the individual and their exercise training as a whole. The exercise sessions are always intended to be fresh, fun, modernised and full of variety in order to prevent overuse injuries, boredom and to maximise results.
For every client‘s training I use combinations of Biokinetics, Personal Training and Pilates to achieve the most effective, safest and longest-lasting results. “An overall trainer for overall results!”

Biokineticist, PT and Pilates Instructor

Owner of Evolve Health

I base my exercise prescription, motivation and instruction on a behavioral, educational and proactive approach, allowing the client to be more involved in their own exercise prescription, progress, aims and goals. In turn allowing them to be more motivated and educated on their specific exercise training needs.

My Qualifications:

  • A. Degree in Human Movement Science
  • A. Honors Degree in Biokinetics
  • Masters Degree in Sports, Recreation and Exercise Science
  • Qualified Personal Trainer – Master Trainer
  • Qualified Pilates Instructor
  • Muscle Activation Therapist
  • Wellness Coach
  • Qualified Assessor and Educator


Golden Key International Honours Society Award - for scholastic achievement and excellence.

Golden Key International Honours Society - Scholarship Award - for superior scholastic attainments and outstanding academic merit (1 out of 3 students selected out of all Golden Key International Honours students)

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