WHAT is a BIOkineticist?

“Biokinetics” is the profession concerned with the preventative healthcare, maintenance of physical abilities, rehabilitation and fitness performance by means of scientifically-based activity and exercise routines in all aspects of healthcare. These specialised exercise routines are prescribed on the individual’s needs and circumstances.
A “Bio” is a specialised clinical exercise therapist that has done six years of University study (including internship) and that is part of the multi-disciplinary team of doctors, specialists and physiotherapists. A Biokineticist functions in professional alliance to health and medicine and is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).
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WHAT does a BIOkineticist do?

A Biokineticist improves a person’s physical status and quality of life through individualised assessment and exercise prescription in the dual context of clinical pathology (acute and chronic) and performance enhancement with the prescription of rehabilitative, maintenance and performance exercise therapy.

The word Biokinetics is taken from the Greek word “BIOS” which means “life” and “KINESIS” which means “movement”.

In other words, Biokinetics means the maintenance of quality of life through use of physical activity.

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