Exercise the Best Way to Prevent Hypertension

Nowadays, world population suffers from high blood pressure or hypertension. The situation is that as people age they were more prone to it that leads to stroke. Persons with hypertension have the higher percentage to have heart attack and heart failure. The problem of hypertension is the fact that it doesn’t give any signal or side effects because persons affected did not feel any direct pain. But as time passes the pressure damages the blood vessels that causes heart failure.

But according to medical experts hypertension can be prevented by reducing salt intake and proper intake of fats and well balanced diet, a valid weight loss programs and most significant exercise. Exercise stimulates blood vessels and enhances the health of the heart muscles, strengthens and improve limb muscles. So individuals with a good habit of exercising had a better blood supply to all muscle tissue of the heart.

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After some medical studies and considerations, medical experts observed that exercise the best way to prevent hypertension. Another surveys showed that moderate exercise several times a week is more effective than a heavy vigorous exercise done twice a week. Medical researchers identified the common factors that causes hypertension such as obesity, heredity and lack of physical activities. Sometimes also kidney abnormalities is one of the cause. As always doctor prescribed exercise is the best way to prevent hypertension.

But before you put exercise in action, better follow these simple steps:

– See your doctor first before beginning an exercise program. What is the proper exercise program that fits and qualify the needs of your body.

– Take it slowly. Start at a low pace, comfortable level of exertion and progress gradually.

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– You must determine and know your capacity, avoid overdoing it, Over-exercising is dangerous and not necessary.

– Exercise regularly. Workout with a minimum of three times a week and a maximum of five times a week.

As a matter of fact, weight loss through exercise the best way to prevent hypertension. Being overweight linked you to a great risk of having hypertension. For more complete and comprehensive weight loss programs visit www.freeweightlossreviewsite.info.

Source by Danilo Gesmundo