High Cholesterol Diet Recipe

Converting a High Cholesterol Diet Recipe

Changing a high cholesterol diet recipe into something that is healthier for you is not really as hard as you may think. Here are some tips to take those diet recipes that you have and remove a lot of the cholesterol packed ingredients from the mix.

The key to converting any recipe into something that is a little healthier is by looking at the ingredients and determining what can be used as a substitute. As an example, you may really want to bake a cake, but are concerned about the amount of cholesterol you will ingest, given the eggs, whole milk, and oil that are usually involved in the process. Think about viable alternatives for the recipe. Instead of using oil, slip in some applesauce. Whole milk can be removed from the recipe and soymilk substituted. As for the eggs, a good grade of egg substitute will accomplish the same end. All these slight changes will mean you can have your cake and still eat it, just with much less cholesterol involved in the process.

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Making some changes in the way you prepare foods may make a difference as well. For example, trim the fat off the meats you prepare. Fat contains a world of cholesterol, and simply trimming it off and choosing to bake or broil your meats rather than fry them will greatly improve your diet. You can still have plenty of taste by using a thin coat of low cholesterol margarine substitutes and herbs and spices to add some flavor to the meats. In fact, you will find that some herbs and spices help to fight cholesterol buildup in arteries. Cayenne pepper is a good example. Cut the fat and the frying; going with broiling and herbs will still mean a tasty entrée, just one with much less cholesterol.

While trimming the fat will help a lot with your resolve to change the way you eat, there will still most likely be the need to decrease the amount of meat you eat even as you increase the amount of fresh or frozen vegetables that you consume at each meal. As a nation, we tend to think that every meal must include meats. This simply is not true. Meals that are balanced using only vegetables can give your body a rest from the strain of processing the meat, as well as provide a break from the fats contained in just about all red meats. Try a low cholesterol meal with legumes and green leafy vegetables as the centerpiece for a change. Add fresh fruit and you have a heart-healthy low cholesterol meal. In any event, try cutting the portion of the meat you have at each meal by half, even as you add more vegetables. You will notice a change in just a few weeks.

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Remember that eating right does not have to be dull or tasteless. Converting a favored high cholesterol diet recipe, along with managing the other components of your diet, will make a positive change in a very short time.

Source by James Ott