How to Lower Blood Pressure Before Testing

When asked how to lower blood pressure before testing, I have the sure-fire answer.

And, it’s backed up by science.

There are no quick fixes or gimmicks. So put away the leaches. We’re not going to experiment on you with anything weird.

Let’s start with basics and then move on to other tactics.

First of all, if you smoke, stop. Scientists are adamant that smoking is just about the worst thing you can do to your body.

And if you’re really serious about lowering blood pressure, you need to take a look at everything you’re putting into your body. Switch to a diet of whole grains, lean meat, low-fat dairy, lots of vegetables (without cheese and butter) and fresh fruit.

Completely stop or cut way back on alcohol, caffeine and sweets.

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You’ve heard all this before, but now’s the time to really do it.

Start a regular exercise program. Exercise improves muscle tone, strength, endurance and circulation. You can begin slowly by taking short walks and gradually increase as you get stronger.

Eventually, it’s a good idea to add light strength training.

While you’re at it, learn to relax – and I mean really relax. Let your problems drop away like water off a duck’s back.

Find projects you enjoy. When you’re focused on something pleasing, you’re less likely to worry. Stay away from negative people and situations. They can bring you down and your blood pressure up.

Finally, start supplementing your diet with the nutrients proven to help lower blood pressure. Here’s a crash course on what and why.

Vitamin E is great for improving the viscosity of blood. Thick blood is harder to force through arteries causing higher blood pressure. Vitamin E is known to thin blood and improve circulation.

Vitamin C, preferably made from whole foods, is responsible for strong healthy collagen and collagen increases the elasticity of arteries and veins allowing blood to flow more freely.

Research also shows that supplementing with specific essential fatty acids, especially when combined with exercise, helps to lower blood pressure. Fatty acids from whole grains and fatty fish work best. So stay away from flaxseed, borage and primrose oils.

As a matter of fact, find a fish oil supplement that contains ETA because ETA is known to improve the elasticity of your arterial walls and more elasticity means lower blood pressure.

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Last but not least is garlic. Garlic tablets, especially taken at night, have been shown to reduce spikes in blood pressure.

Look for a brand that’s NOT deodorized, since deodorized garlic is just a marketing gimmick. It’s the allicin in garlic that causes odor and is also responsible for all the health benefits. Enteric coated garlic eliminates odor problems and actually works better too.

That’s it – how to lower your blood pressure before testing.

If you get started today, give yourself one to three months before going back for your next test. And generally that’s all it takes.

Source by Michael Byrd