Truck Driver Tips For Maintaining Low Blood Pressure

The life of a truck driver is not your normal 8 to 5 lifestyle. Because of the odd hours a truck driver may keep eating healthy may be no easy task. With the limited amounts of healthy food at truck stops, and a life style where your always eating on the go it is no wonder that many truck drivers suffer from high blood pressure.

If you’re a truck driver or know one, you can use these tips to live a healthier lifestyle and keep blood pressure in check.

Quit or reduce smoking. Not every driver can quit smoking cold turkey but the sooner they quit or cut back the better. If your going to get your pressure checked, stop smoking 30 minutes before you test to get a more accurate reading of your blood pressure.
Get some exercise. This one can be very tricky for a truck driver who is trying to keep the wheels moving. But here is a tip. Try walking a few times around the parking lot, or your equipment. If you do this a few times each stop and when you’re off duty, you’ll begin to finds ways to get 30 minutes of walking in each day.
Lose some weight. This can be especially tuff to do. Exercise and portion control seem to be the secret to success. Start by cutting something out of your diet each day or substituting water for it. For example, instead of that large Coke, try a large ice water.
Another way to reduce your blood pressure is to cut your sodium, caffeine, and alcohol intakes. Cutting these and substituting juice and water for these can make a huge difference.
Lastly, believe it or not, but just relaxing can reduce your blood pressure. That’s right if you can do nothing at all, try sitting back and relaxing a few minutes each day. I believe the common phrase for it is “Take A Load Off!”

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Follow the tips above and you will be cruising your way down the low blood pressure highway. High blood pressure can be regulated to keep you healthy and with a little extra attention you can live a healthier life.

Source by Dave Ferrara