Why Not to Diet

Diets are a strange concept when you think about them. You want to lose weight, so you deprive yourself if certain foods or in some severe dieting cases of all foods to get skinny. A diet is a temporary step toward a permanent issue, every single person that has ever tried a diet or wants to begin one, goes into ti thinking they will only be doing this temporarily so how challenging can it be?

Well, the issue is not to diet. It is as if you were to put a piece of tape over a slow leaking whole in your tire. You know that it will help the air from seeping out of the tire, but it will only hold onto it for a short amount of time before it falls off and the air comes bursting out of it. The smarter thing to do would be to replace the tire would it not? Well, your body is the same way you cannot place a bandage over it and accept it be skinny forever by not eating for a few days. The reason why so many hate dieting and result in gaining weight all over again is because it is something that is only temporary and your body cannot go very long without feeding it what it needs. The difference between those who have lost weight and those who are successful at losing weight and keeping it off are one group of people have made the change to eat smarter and get exercise often and the others are trying to manipulate the mind and body by only doing it for a few days.

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Instead what you need to do is realize that dieting does not work and in order to stay fit and healthy you must transform your body by changing your lifestyle for the better and permanently. This means only consuming the fatty foods and snack foods you know are not very good for you on occasion and not several times per day. They are nothing but calories that provide absolutely no nutritional value to your body at all. It is as if you are picking up a candy bar and instantly eating it just to gain weight and not because you are hungry. You must do some research and learn about nutrition and what you can do eat the right foods to make you are healthier individual. Also you will have to become more active to lose weight and keep it off. This does not mean you have to become someone that lives in a health club, it just means getting active during the week a few times as part of your new routine. You will lose the weight, you will not gain it back, you will sleep much better at night and many health ailments you may have been suffering from previously will be taken away. All by eating right and staying active, these are things your body needs and it will think you for it!

Source by Jesus Smith